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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My new TOY! Traxxas Summit Rock Crawler

So this past saturday I needed to get out of my Fiancee's hair while she attempted to work. My first thought was to go ride my Ducati Hypermotard but it was raining on and off. The next thought was to buy new, useless electronics at the Circuit City going out of business Sale (terrible idea all 4 times I have stepped foot in that shithole. It's amazing that store has lasted this long.) So as I NIXed that idea too it occured to me that I had a $600+ gas powered Monster Truck in the garage that was collecting entirely way too much dust! So here is how it went(imagine this as a quick montage sequence in a movie)

Called Curtis(shot of him sitting at home on the couch and his dust covered Monster Truck in the garage too)
Gathered the 25 things i need to make this truck run(me running up and down staris repeatedly)
Loaded up the Car
Picked up Curtis and all his Truck madness
B line straight to our local abandoned DIRT lot (mecca for RC trucks and bums)

So to to get to the point here (after a handful of technical issues just getting these little bastards running) we blasted these things back and forth through the dirt and mud until the inner child in us both was content. And to explain this the best I can it's like when I was 10 and I got a new bike or GI Joe Hovercraft! Nothing in the world mattered except the fun happening right in front of my face!

After about an hour of stirring up dust, splashing through mudholes and launching these trucks off everything in sight the GAS ran out (just like in the early '70s). It was now time to go home and annoy the Fiancee........OR go to the Hobby Shop?!?!

So once Curtis and I were at the Hobby Shop our eyes were the size of gangsta rappers' watches! 1 hour later and $900 poorer (combined honey, combined) we left. I myself added the new Traxxas Summit Rock Crawling machine to my stable.

So far this RC Monster Truck has been the best toy (and I use the word toy lightly) that I have ever purchased! It has high/low gears and front/rear lockers that are all controlled right from the remote. This is the FIRST truck to ever offer all this on the fly. I highly suggest getting one if you are into this type of thing at all. Watch the Video (BELOW) I made of my actual truck and you will get a tiny glimpse of what this sucker is capable of!

Get Crunk!

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Jules and Jahnel said...

SICness!!!! But, remember , kids, these stunts are performed by a professional bad ass on a closed course. TRY AT HOME!

Traxxas Summit - RC Rock Crawler

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